How To Use

Enhance your sun protection routine with the Surf Band Pro, an ideal device for reapplying sunscreen during ocean adventures and sports activities.

When you're in the ocean, we recommend applying sunscreen after allowing your face to dry off for a few minutes. Take a moment to let your hands dry off a bit as well, even if they may be slightly waterlogged and wrinkled. This ensures better adherence and effectiveness of the sunscreen, providing you with optimal protection.

Watch the quick video below:
  1. Take off the back-cap and ensure the reservoir is empty.

  2. Fill the reservoir with your preferred sunscreen, such as lotion, liquid, gel, or zinc, filling it up to the brim. (or mosquito repellent & sanitizers)

  3. Securely place the back-cap back on, being mindful of the nozzle's direction. Avoid pressing down on the center of the cap; instead, push it along the reservoir's rims or sides to prevent any squirt-outs.

  4. Strap the band onto your wrist with the nozzle FACING AWAY from you.

  5. Insert the strap through the buckle and adjust it to a comfortable tightness.

  6. With the nozzle facing downwards, position your hand underneath the device.

  7. Push down on the face of the cap to release the sunscreen solution into your palm. Note that after approximately 10 applications, you may need to gently "shake your wrist" to facilitate the flow of the lotion towards the exit point.

  8. Remember to wash out any remaining sunscreen from your Surf Band Pro when not in use or when changing to a different solution.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly apply sunscreen ( or any protective solution) using the Surf Band Pro and ensure its optimal functionality. Enjoy your outdoor activities with the added convenience and protection provided by our innovative wearable device.




Wrist size

While adjusting the band for different wrist sizes, simply slide the velcro through the bezel. Here is a general rule of thumb for sizing:




We all need some sun exposure from time to time. When our skin is exposed to the sun, our bodies naturally produce vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium for healthier and stronger bones.

But, just as we all need exposure to the sun, we all need protection too. The lighter your natural skin colour is, the less melanin it has to absorb ultraviolet (UV) rays and protect itself. Even if you have darker skin, everyone needs protection from UV rays because tanning or burning will inevitably lead to skin damage.

Be safe out there!