How It Works


  1. Take off the back cap and fill the device with the solution.
  2. Put the cap back on, pushing down on the edges instead of the middle. Be careful because the solution may come out of the valve.
  3. Secure the strap back over the cap.
  4. Place the device on your wrist with the nozzle facing away from you.
  5. Put the strap through the buckle.
  6. Secure the strap to a comfortable tightness.
  7. With the nozzle facing down, reach your hand underneath.
  8. Push down on the face of the device, using gravity as well to release the solution into your palm.
  9. When you are getting low on lotion in the reservoir, you can help the lotion get closer to the valve' by doing a "little shake with your wrist", similar to how you might "shake" a bottle of sunscreen.




Wrist size

While adjusting the band for different wrist sizes, simply slide the velcro through the bezel. Here is a general rule of thumb for sizing: