Greg Demirjian, the mastermind behind WearSpray, is not only a lifelong surfer but also a versatile creative individual. His talents encompass music, screenwriting, EFX editing, and songwriting. However, the role of an inventor was never something he anticipated.

During the pandemic, Greg encountered the frustrating predicament of being unable to sanitize his hands conveniently while on the move. It was during this time that he experienced a eureka moment—a groundbreaking idea for a wearable, refillable device that would make sanitization safe and effortless. This marked the genesis of WearSpray Clean-Bands.

The path to success, as with any worthwhile endeavor, was anything but smooth. Skeptics, including injection molding specialists, claimed that it was an impossible feat. Nevertheless, Greg persisted...

Through two years of relentless prototype testing and making manufacturing adjustments to ensure an affordable end product, Greg's determination triumphed over resistance. Beyond its original conception as a container for sanitizing liquid, WearSpray expanded to encompass other practical applications.

While basking outdoors on a sunny day, Greg accidentally cut himself. As he streamed sanitizer onto the wound under the scorching sun, he exclaimed, "I should have put sunscreen in this thing!" It was at that moment that he realized there had to be a version of WearSpray designed specifically for sunscreen, tailored to withstand the ocean waves that surfers face. Thus, Surf Band Pro was born.

Following this, the WearSpray design team promptly began modifying the device to accommodate a thicker liquid, giving rise to Bug Band Protection, a band that securely holds bug repellent. This innovation paved the way for a collaboration with the United Nations initiative "United To Beat Malaria."

Through WearSpray, Greg is fully dedicated to creating a line of products that can enrich people's lives. His boundless imagination and unwavering determination serve as a testament to his ability to overcome adversity and foster innovation.



You can also follow him on Insta: @greggydemirjian